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THE WONDERFUL BIRCH                        125
The girl did so. She struck the hearth with the birchen branch, and lo ! the barleycorns flew into the pot, and the hearth was clean. Then she went back to the birch tree and laid the branch upon the grave. Then her mother bade her bathe on one side of the stem, dry herself on another, and dress on the third. When the girl had done all that, she had grown so lovely that no one on earth could rival her. Splendid clothing was given to her, and a horse, with hair partly of gold, partly of silver, and partly of something more precious
still. The girl sprang into the saddle, and rode as swift as an arrow to the palace. As she turned into the courtyard of the castle the King's son came out to meet her, tied her steed to a pillar, and led her in. He never left her side as they passed through the castle rooms ; and all the people gazed at her, and wondered who the lovely maiden was. and from what castle she came ; but no one knew heróno one knew anything about her. At the banquet the Prince invited her to sit next him in the place of honour ; but the witch's daughter gnawed the bones under the table. The Prince
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