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138                   JACK AND THE BEANSTALK
' Fe, fa, fi-fo-fum, I smell the breath of an Englishman. Let him be alive or let him be dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.'
' Wife,' cried the Giant, ' there is a man in the castle. Let me have him for breakfast.'
' You are grown old and stupid,' cried the lady in her loud tones. ' It is only a nice fresh steak "off an elephant, that I have cooked for you, which you smell. There, sit down and make a good breakfast.'
And she placed a huge dish before him of savoury steaming meat, which greatly pleased him, and made him forget his idea of an Englishman being in the castle. When he had breakfasted he went out for a walk; and then the Giantess opened the door, and made Jack come out to help her. He helped her all day. She fed him well, and when evening came put him back in the ward­robe.
The Hen that lays Golden Eggs.
The Giant came in to supper. Jack watched him through the keyhole, and was amazed to see him pick a wolfs bone, and put half a fowl at a time into his capacious mouth.
When the supper was ended he bade his wife bring him his hen that laid the golden eggs.
' It lays as well as it did when it belonged to that paltry knight,' he said; ' indeed I think the eggs are heavier than ever.'
The Giantess went away, and soon returned with a little brown hen, which she placed on the table before her husband. ' And now, my dear,' she said, ' I am going for a walk, if you don't want me any longer.'
' Go,' said the Giant; ' I shall be glad to have a nap by-and-by.'
Then he took up the brown hen and said to her :
' Lay !' And she instantly laid a golden egg.
' Lay !' said the Giant again. And she laid another.
' Lay !' he repeated the third time. And again a golden egg lay on the table.
Now Jack was sure this hen was that of which the fairy had spoken.
By-and-by the Giant put the hen down on the floor, and soon after went fast asleep, snoring so loud that it sounded like thunder.
Directly Jack perceived that the Giant was fast asleep, he
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