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Then the guards began to search the poultry-yard, and could find nobody there but Delicia, who, with her splendid dress and her crown of diamonds, looked such a lovely Princess that they hardly dared to speak to her. But she said to them very politely :
' Pray tell me what you are looking for here ? '
' Madam,' they answered. ' we are sent for an insignificant little person called Delicia.'
' Alas ! ' said she, ' that is my name. What can you want with me?'
So the guards'tied her hands and feet with thick ropes, for fear
she might run away, and brought her to the King, who was waiting with his son.
When he saw her he was very much astonished at her beauty, which would have made anyone less hard-hearted sorry for her. But the wicked King only laughed and mocked at her, and cried: ' Well, little fright, little toad ! why don't you love my son, who is far too handsome and too good for 3*ou? Make haste and begin to love him this instant, or you shall be tarred and feathered.'
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