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would condescend to come down into it. So down they went to­gether, and the King seeing about two hundred great casks ranged side by side, asked if it was only for herself that she had this im­mense store of wme.
' Yes, sire,' answered she, ' it is for myself alone, but I shall be most happy to let you taste some of it. Which do you like, canary, St. Julien, champagne, hermitage sack, raisin, or cider ? '
' "Well,' said the Kmg, ' since you are so kind as to ask me, I prefer champagne to anything else.'
Then Duchess Grumbly took up a little hammer and tapped upon the cask twice, and out came at least a thousand crowns.
' "What's the meaning of this ? ' said she smiling.
Then she tapped the next cask, and out came a bushel of gold, pieces.
11 don't understand this at all,' said the Duchess, smiling more than before.
Then she went on to the third cask, tap, tap, and out came such a stream of diamonds and pearls that the groimd was covered with them.
' Ah !' she cried, ' this is altogether beyond my comprehension, sire. Someone must have stolen my good wine and put all this rubbish in its place.'
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