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again to his Queen. ' I will try to see if there is any place where I can learn how to find "Whiteland,' he thought, and journeyed forth out into the world.
When he had gone some distance he came to a mountain, where he met a man who was Lord over all the beasts in the forest —for they all came to him when he blew a horn which he had. So the King asked where Whiteland was.
' I do not know that,' he answered, ' but I will ask my beasts.
Then he blew his horn and inquired whether any of them knew where ^Tiiteland lay, but there was not one who knew that.
So the man gave him a pair of snow shoes. ' When you have these on,' he said, ' 3-011 will come to my brother, who lives hundreds of miles from here; he is Lord over all the birds in the air—ask him. When you have got there, just turn the shoes so that the toes point this way, and then they will come home again of their own accord.'
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