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branches, and put them aside with her hands; but it was so thickly wooded that it was all but impossible to get forward, and do what she might, she somehow or other tore off a leaf which got into her hand.
' Oh ! oh ! What have you done now ? ' said the Bull. ' It will now cost us a battle for life or death; but do be careful to keep the leaf! '
Very soon afterwards they came to the end of the wood, and the Troll with thre6 heads came rushing up to them.
' Who is that who is touching my wood ? ' said the Troll.
' The wood is just as much mine as yours!' said the Bull.
' We shall have a tussle for that! ' shrieked the Troll.
' That may be,' said the Bull.
So they rushed on each other and fought, and as for the Bull he butted and kicked with all the strength of his body, but the Troll fought quite as well as he did, and the whole day went by before the Bull put an end to him, and then he himself was so full of wounds and so worn out that he was scarcely able to move. So they had to wait a day, and the Bull told the King's daughter to take the horn of ointment which hung at the Troll's belt, and rub him witli it; then he was himself again, and the next day they set off once more. And now they journeyed on for many, many days, and then after a long, long time they came to a silver wood. The trees, and the boughs, and the leaves, and the flowers, and every­thing else was of silver.
Before the Bull went into the wood, he said to the King's daughter: ' When we enter into this wood .you must, for Heaven's sake, be very careful not to touch anything at all, and not to pluck off even so much as one leaf, or else all will be over both with you and with me. A Troll with six heads lives here, who is the owner of the wood, and I do not think I should be able to overcome hhn.'
' Yes,' said the King's daughter, ' I will take good care not to touch what you do not wish me to touch.'
But when they got into the wood it was so crowded, and the trees so close together, that they could scarcely get forward. She was as careful as she could be, and bent aside to get out of the way ot the branches, and thrust them away from before her with her hands ; but every instant a branch struck against her eyes, and in spite of all her care, she happened to pull off one leaf.
' Oh ! oh I What have you done now ? ' said the Bull. ' It will now cost us a battle for life or death, for this Troll has six heads
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