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made such a clatter that the Prince came out and said, ' What sort of a creature may you be ? '
' I was to take this water to you,' said Kari.
' Do you suppose that I will have any water that you bring ? ' said the Prince, and emptied it over her.
She had to bear that, but then she asked permission to go to church. She got that, for the church was very near. But first she went to the rock and knocked at it with the stick which was stand­ing there, as the Bull had told her to do. Instantly a man came forth and asked what she wanted. The King's daughter said that she had got leave to go to church and listen to the priest, but that she had no clothes to go in. So he brought her a gown that was as bright as the copper wood, and she got a horse and saddle too from him. When she reached the church she was so pretty and so splendidly dressed that every one wondered who she could be, and hardly anyone listened to what the priest was saying, for they were all looking far too much at her, and the Prince himself liked her so well that he could not take his eyes off her for an instant. As she was walking out of church the Prince followed her and shut the church door after her, and thus he kept one of her gloves in his hand. Then she went away and mounted her horse again ; the Prince again followed her, and asked her whence she came.
' Oh ! I am from Bathland,' said Kari. And when the Prince took out the glove and wanted to give it back to her, she said :
' Darkness behind me, but light on my way, That the Prince may not see where I'm going to-day ! '
The Prince had never seen the equal of that glove, and he went far and wide, asking after the country which the proud lady, who rode away without her glove, had said that she came from, but there was no one who could tell him where it lay.
Next Sunday some one had to take up a towel to the Prince.
' Ah ! may I have leave to go up with that ? ' said Kari.
' What would be the use of that ? ' said the others who were in the kitchen ; ' you saw what happened last time.'
Kari would not give in, but went on begging for leave till she got it, and then she ran up the stairs so that her wooden gown clattered again. Out came the Prince, and when he saw that it was Kari, he snatched the towel from her and flung it right in her eyes.
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