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THE THREE DWARFS                          243
' My child, who are you, and what in the wide world are you doing here ? '
' I am only a poor girl,' she answered, ' and am rinsing out my yarn in the river.' Then the King was sorry for her, and when he saw how beautiful she was he said :
' Will you come away with me ?'
' Most gladly,' she replied, for she knew how willingly she would leave her stepmother and sister, and how glad they would be to be rid of her.
So she stepped into the carriage and drove away with the King,
and when they reached his palace the wedding was celebrated with much splendour. So all turned out just as the three little Dwarfs had said. After a year the Queen gave birth to a little son. When her stepmother heard of her good fortune she came to the palace with her daughter by way of paying a call, and took up her abode there. Now one day, when the King was out and nobody else near, the bad woman took the Queen by her head, and the daughter took her by her heels, and they dragged her from her bed, and flung her out of the window into the stream which flowed beneath it. Then the stepmother laid her ugly daughter in the Queen's place, and covered
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