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' Well, my little foal, you are a fine fellow !' said the youth.
' Yes, but if you will kill all the other little foals so that I can suck all the mares for a year, you shall see how big and handsome I shall be then !' said the Foal.
So the youth did this—he killed all the twelve foals, and then went back again.
Next year, when he came home again to look after his mares and the foal, it was as fat as it could be, and its coat shone with bright­ness, and it was so big that the lad had the greatest difficulty in getting on its back, and each of the mares had another foal.
' Well, it's very evident that I have lost nothing by letting yon
suck all my mares,' said the lad to the yearling; ' but now you are quite big enough, and must come away with me.'
' No,'said the Colt, 'I must stay here another year; kill the twelve little foals, and then I can suck all the mares this year also, and you shall see how big and handsome I shall be by summer.'
So the youth did it again, and when he went up on the hill next year to look after his colt and the mares, each of the mares had her foal again ; but the dappled colt was so big that when the lad wanted to feel its neck to see how fat it was, he could not reach up to it, it was so high, and it was so bright that the light glanced off its coat-
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