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wolves, and lions, and grim beasts of all kinds, came. But when they caught sight of the carcasses of the oxen they began to fight for them till the blood flowed, and they entirely forgot Dapplegrim and the youth.
So the youth rode onwards again, and many and many were the new scenes they saw, for travelling on Dapplegrim's back was not travelling slowly, as may be imagined, and then Dapplegrim neighed.
' Do you hear anything ? he said.
' Yes ; I heard something like a foal neighing cmiteTplainly a long, long way off,' answered the youth.
' That's a full-grown colt,' said Dapplegrim, ' if you hear it so plainly when it is so far away from us.'
So they travelled onwards a long time, and saw one new scene after another once more. Then Dapplegrim neighed again.
' Do you hear anything now ? ' said he.
' Yes ; now I heard it quite distinctly, and it neighed like a full-grown horse,' answered the youth.
' Yes, and you will hear it again very soon,' said Dapplegrim;
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