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THE ENCHANTED CANARY                    269
' Poor girl,' he thought to himself. ' It is not her fault, after all, that she has grown so ugly, it is mine. Oh! why did I not follow the old man's advice ? Why did I leave her alone ? And besides, it depends on me to break the spell, and I love her too much to let her remain like this.'
So he presented the gypsy to the lords and ladies of the Court, explaining to them the terrible misfortune which had befallen his beautiful bride.
They all pretended to believe it, and the ladies at once put on the false princess the rich dresses they had brought for Zizi.
She was then perched on the top of a magnificent ambling palfrey, and they set forth to the castle.
But imluckily the rich dress and jewels only made Titty look uglier still, and Desire could not help feeling hot and uncomfortable when he made his entry7 with her into the city.
Bells were pealing, chimes ringing, and the people filling the streets and standing at their doors to watch the procession go by, and they could hardly believe their eyes as they saw what a strange bride their Prince had chosen.
In order to do her more honour, Tubby came to meet her at the
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