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' That accursed bird,' said the Cook ; ' it will end by getting me sent away. Come, some of you, and hide yourselves, and if it comes again, catch it and wring its neck.'
He spitted a third goose, lit a huge fire, and seated himself by it.
The bird appeared a third time, and said : ' Good-morning, my fine Cook.'
' Good-morning, lovely Golden Bird,' replied the Cook, as if no­thing had happened, and at the moment that the Canary was begin­ning, ' I pray Heaven that it may send,' a scullion who was hidden outside rushed out and shut the shutters. The bird flew into the kitchen. Then all the cooks and scullions sprang after it, knocking at it with their aprons. At length one of them caught it just at the very moment that Tubby entered the kitchen, waving his sceptre. He had come to see for himself why the goose had never made its appearance.
The Scullion stopped at once, just as he was about to wring the Canary's neck.
' Will some one be kind enough to tell me the meaning of all this ? ' cried the Lord of Avesnes.
' Your Excellency, it is the bird,' replied the Scullion, and he placed it in his hand.
' Nonsense ! What a lovely bird!' said Tubby, and in stroking its head he touched a pin that was sticking between its feathers. He pulled it out, and lo! the Canary at once became a beautiful girl with a golden skin who jumped lightly to the ground.
' Gracious ! what a pretty girl! ' said Tubby.
' Father! it is she ! it is Zizi! ' exclaimed Desire, who entered at this moment.
And he took her in his arms, crying: ' My darling Zizi, how happj' I am to see you once more !'
' Well, and the other one ? ' asked Tubby.
The other one was stealing quietly to the door.
' Stop her ! called Tubby. ' We will judge her cause at once.'
And he seated himself solemnly on the oven, and condemned Titty to be burned alive. After which the lords and cooks formed themselves in lines, and Tubby betrothed Desire to Zizi.
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