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THE ENCHANTED CANARY                    273
The marriage took place a few days later. All the boys in the country side were there, armed with wooden swords, and decorated with epaulets made of gilt paper.
Zizi obtained Titty's pardon, and she was sent back to the brick­fields, followed and hooted at by all the boys. And this is why to­day the country boys always throw stones at a titmouse.
On the evening of the wedding-day all the larders, cellars, clip­boards and tables of the people, whether rich or poor, were loaded as if by enchantment with bread, wine, beer, cakes and tarts, roast larks, and even geese, so that Tubby could not complain any more that his son had married Famine.
Since that time there has always been plenty to eat in that country, and since that time, too, you see in the midst of the fair-haired blue-eyed women of Flanders a few beautiful girls, whose eyes are black and whose skins are the colour of gold. They are the descendants of Zizi.1
1 Charles Deulin, Contet <lu Hoi Gambrinm.
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