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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Let me have it, then,' said Minnikin.
The old hag gave him the sword, so she got her eye back. Then Minnikin went onwards, and when he had wandered on for some time he again met an old, old crook-backed hag, who had only one eye. Minnikin stole it before she was aware.
' Oh ! oh ! what has become of my eye ? ' cried the old hag.
' What will you give me to get your eye back ? ' said Minnikin.
' I will give thee a ship which can sail over fresh water and salt water, over high hills and deep dales,' answered the old woman.
' Let me have it then,' said Minnikin.
So the old woman gave him a little bit of a ship which was no bigger than he could put in his pocket, and then she got her eye back, and she went her way and Minnikin his. When he had walked on for a long time, he met for the third time an old, old
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