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312                                  MINNIKIN
' Oh, what could you do down at the strand '? ' said the kitchen-maid. ' You have nothing to do there.'
' Oh yes, my dear, just let me go,' said Minnikin. ' I should so like to go and amuse myself with the other children.'
' Well, well, go then ! ' said the kitchen-maid, ' but don't let me find you staying there over the time when the pan has to be set on the fire for supper, and the roast put on the spit; and mind you bring back a good big armful of wood for the kitchen.'
Minnikin promised this, and ran down to the sea-shore.
Just as he got to the place where the King's daughter was sit­ting, the Troll came rushing up with a great whistling and whir­ring, and he was so big and stout that he was terrible to see, aDd he had five heads.
' Fire I' screeched the Troll.
' Fire yourself!' said Minnikin.
' Can you fight ? ' roared the Troll.
' If not, I can learn,' said Minnikin.
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