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work with the tangled hair, and, as may be easily imagined, this too was by no means pleasant work.
When she had got it done, another and a much more ugly and horrible-looking head rose up out of the water.
' Kiss me, girl ! ' said the head.
' Yes, I will kiss you,' said the man's daughter, and she did it, but she thought it was the worst bit of work that she had ever had to do in her life.
So the heads all began to talk to each other, and to ask what they should do for this girl who was so full of kindliness.
' She shall be the prettiest girl that ever was, and fair and bright as the day,' said the first head.
' Gold shall drop from her hair whenever she brushes it,' said the second.
' Gold shall drop from her mouth whenever she speaks,' said the third head.
So when the man's daughter went home, looking as beautiful and bright as day, the step-mother and her daughter grew much more ill-tempered, and it was worse still when she began to talk, and they saw that golden coins dropped from her mouth. The step-mother fell into such a towering passion that she drove the man's daughter into the pig-stye—she might stay there with her fine show of gold, the step-mother said, but she should not be per­mitted to set foot in the house.
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