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So the King called to him again, but the youth was praying so fervently that he did not hear him this time either.
' Open the door, I say !' cried the King again. ' It is II I want to come in.'
So the youth sprang to the door and unlocked it, but in his haste he forgot to hide the picture.
When the King entered and saw it, he stood still as if he were in fetters, and could not stir from the spot, for the picture seemed to him so beautiful.
' There is nowhere on earth so beautiful a woman as this !' said the King.
But the youth told him that she was his sister, and that he had painted her, and that if she was not prettier than the picture she was at all events not uglier.
' Well, if she is as beautiful as that, I will have her for my Queen,' said the King, and he commanded the youth to go home and fetch her without a moment's delay, and to lose no time in coming back. The youth promised to make all the haste he could, and set forth from the King's palace.
When the brother arrived at home to fetch his sister, her step­mother and step-sister would go too. So they all set out together, and the man's daughter took with her a casket in which she kept her gold, and a dog which was called Little Snow. These two things were all that she had inherited from her mother. When they had travelled for some time they had to cross the sea, and the brother sat down at the helm, and the mother and the two half-sisters went to the fore-part of the vessel, and they sailed a long, long way. At last they came in sight of land.
' Look at that white strand there ; that is where we shall land,' said the brother, pointing across the sea.
' What is my brother saying ? ' inquired the man's daughter.
' He says that you are to throw your casket out into the sea,' answered the step-mother.
' Well, if my brother says so, I must do it,' said the man's daughter, and she flung her casket into the sea.
When they had sailed for some time longer, the brother once more pointed over the sea. ' There you may see the palace to which we are bound,' said he.
' What is my brother saying ? ' asked the man's daughter.
'Now he says that you are to throw your dog into the sea,' answered the step-mother.
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