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you have a kind heart and are willing to share what you have with others. There stands an old tree ; cut it down, and amongst its roots you'll find something.' With that the little man took leave.
Then Dullhead fell to at once to hew down the tree, and when it fell he found amongst its roots a goose, whose feathers were all of pure gold. He lifted it out, carried it off, and took it with him to an inn where he meant to spend the night.
Now the landlord of the inn had three daughters, and when they saw the goose they were filled with curiosity as to what this wonderful bird could be, and each longed to have one of its golden feathers.
The eldest thought to herself: ' No doubt I shall soon find a good opportunity to pluck out one of its feathers,' and the first time Dullhead happened to leave the room she caught hold of the goose by its wing. But, lo and behold! her fingers seemed to stick fast to the goose, and she could not take her hand away.
Soon after the second daughter came in, and thought to pluck a golden feather for herself too; but hardly had she touched her sister than she stuck fast as well. At last the third sister came with the same intentions, but the other two cried out: ' Keep off! for Heaven's sake, keep off! '
The younger sister could not imagine why she was to keep off, and thought to herself: ' If they are both there, why should not I be there too ? '
So she sprang to them; but no sooner had she touched one of them than she stuck last to her. So they all three had to spend the night with the goose.
Next morning Dullhead tucked the goose under his arm and went off, without in the least troubling himself about the three girls who were hanging on to it. They just had to run after him right or left as best they could. In the middle of a field they met the parson, and when he saw this procession he cried: ' For shame, you bold girls ! What do you mean by running after a young fellow through the fields like that ? Do you call that proper behaviour ?' And with that he caught the youngest girl by the hand to try and draw her away. But directly he touched her ho hung on himself, and had to run along with the rest of them.
Not long after the clerk came that way, and was much surprised to see the parson following the footsteps of three girls. ' Why, where is your reverence going so fast ?' cried he; ' don't forget there is to be a christening to-day;' and he ran after him, caught him by
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