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"When they had travelled a long, long way, the Foal said : ' Dost thou see anything ? ' ' No,' said Cinderlad. So they went on a great distance farther. ' And now ? ' inquired the Foal, ' seest thou nothing now ? ' ' Alas ! no,' said Cinderlad.
So they travelled onwards again, for many and many a mile, over hill and dale.
' Now, then,' said the Foal, ' dost thou not see anything now ? '
' Yes,' said Cinderlad; ' now I see something like a bluish streak, far, far away.'
' That is a river,' said the Foal, ' and we have to cross it.'
There was a long, handsome bridge over the river, and when they had got to the other side of it they again travelled on a long, long way, and then once more the Foal inquired if Cinderlad saw anything. Yes, this time he saw something that looked black, far, far awaj-, and was rather like a church tower.
' Yes,' said the Foal, ' we shall go into that.'
When the Foals got into the churchyard they turned into men again, and looked like the sons of a king, and their clothes were so
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