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And after that Sigurd was called Fafnir's Bane, and Dragon-slayer.
Then Sigurd rode back, and met Regin, and Regin asked him to roast Fafnir's heart and let him taste of it.
So Sigurd put the heart of Fafnir on a stake, and roasted it. But it chanced that he touched it with his finger, and it burned him. Then he put his finger in his mouth, and so tasted the heart of Fafnir.
Then immediately he understood the language of birds, and he hoard the Woodpeckers say :
' There is Sigurd roasting Fafnir's heart for another, when he should taste of it himself and learn all wisdom.'
The next bird said :
' There lies Regin, ready to betray Sigurd, who trusts him.'
The third bird said :
' Let him cut off Regin's head, and keep all thejgold to himself.'
The fourth bird said :
' That let him do, and then ride over Hindfell, to the place where Brynhild sleeps.'
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