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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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him, and saw that on his helm was written in golden letters ' This helm belongs to Sir Gareth of Orkney'; and the herald cried out and made proclamation, and the Kings and Knights pressed to behold him. And when Sir Gareth saw he was discovered, he struck more fiercely than before, and smote down Sir Sagramore, and his brother, Sir Gawaine. '0 brother,' said Sir Gawaine, ' I did not think you would have smitten me !' When Sir Gareth heard him say that he rode out of the press, and cried to his dwarf, 'Boy, you have played me foul, for you have kept my ring. Give it to me now, that I may hide myself,' and he galloped swiftly into the forest, and no one knew where he had gone. ' What shall I do next ? ' asked he of the dwarf. ' Sir,' answered the dwarf, ' send the Lady Lyonesse back her ring.' ' Your counsel is good,' said Gareth ; ' take it to her, and commend me to her grace, and say I will come when I may, and bid her to be faith­ful to me, as I am to her.' After that Sir Gareth rode deeper into the forest.
Though Sir Gareth had left the tournament he found that there were as many fights awaiting him as if he had remained there. He overcame all his foes, and sent them and their followers to do homage to King Arthur, but he himself stayed behind. He was standing alone after they had gone, when he beheld an armed Knight coming tow­ards him. Sir Gareth sprang on his horse, and without a word the two crashed together like thunder, and strove hard for two hours, till the ground was wet with blood. At that time the damsel Linet came riding by, and saw what was doing, and knew who were the fighters. And she cried, ' Sir Gawaine, Sir Gawaine, leave fighting with your brother Sir Gareth.' Then he threw down his shield and sword, and ran to Sir Gareth, and first took him in his arms and next kneeled down and asked mercy of him. ' Why do you, who were but now so strong and mighty, so suddenly yield to me ? ' asked Sir Gareth, who had not perceived the damsel. ' 0 Gareth, I am your brother, and
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