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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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have had much sorrow for your sake.' At this Sir Gareth unlaced his helm and knelt before Sir Gawaine, and they rose and embraced each other. ' Ah, my fair brother,' said Sir Gawaine,' I ought rightly to do you homage, even if you were not my brother, for in this twelvemonth you have sent King Arthur more Knights than any six of the best men of the Round Table.' While he was speaking there came the Lady Linet, and healed the wounds of Sir Gareth and of Sir Gawaine. ' What are you going to do now ? ' asked she. ' It is time that King Arthur had tidings of you both, and your horses are not fit to bear you.'
' Ride, I pray you,' said Sir Gawaine, ' to my uncle, King Arthur, who is but two miles away, and tell him what adventure has befallen me.' So she mounted her mule, and when she had told her tale to King Arthur, he bade them saddle him a palfrey and invited all the Knights and ladies of his Court to ride with him. When they reached the place they saw Sir Gareth and Sir Gawaine sitting on the hill-side. The King jumped off his horse, and would have greeted them, but he swooned away for gladness, and they ran and comforted him, and also their mother.
The two Knights stayed in King Arthur's Court for eight days, and rested themselves and grew strong. Then said the King to Linet, ' I wonder that your sister, dame Lyonesse, does not come here to visit me, or more truly to visit my nephew, Sir Gareth, who has worked so hard to win her love.'
' My lord,' answered Linet, ' you must, by your grace, hold her excused, for she does not know that Sir Gareth is here.'
' Go and fetch her, then,' said Arthur.
'That I will do quickly,' replied Lipet, and by the next morning she had brought dame Lyonesse, and her brother Sir Gringamore, and forty Knights, but among the ladies dame Lyonesse was the fairest, save only Queen
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