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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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madness are not the same thing, and prudence is always better than fury. If so many Franks lie dead, it is your folly which has killed them, and now we can no longer serve the Emperor. If you would have listened to me, Charles would have been here, and Marsile and his Saracens would have been slain. Your courage, Roland, has cost us dear! For yourself, you will be killed and France be covered with dishonour. And before night falls our friendship will be ended.' Then he wept, and Roland wept also.
The Archbishop had been near, and heard their words. ' Do not quarrel at this hour,' he said. ' Your horn could not save them now. Charles is too far; it would take him too long to come. Yet sound it, for he will return and avenge himself on the Unbelievers. And they will take our bodies and put them on biers, and lay them on horses, and will bury us with tears of pity among the mountains, building up high walls round us, so that the dogs and the wild boar shall not devour us.' ' What you say is good,' answered Roland, and he lifted his horn, and its mighty voice rang through the mountains, and Charles heard the echo thirty miles away. 'Our men are fighting,' he cried, but Ganelon answered, ' If another man had said that, we should have called him a liar.' Count Roland was sorely wounded and the effort to sound the horn caused' the blood to pour from his mouth. But he sounded it once more, and the echoes leaped far. Charles heard it in the defiles, and all his Franks heard it too. ' It is Roland's horn,' said the King, ' and he is fighting.'
' He is not fighting,' answered Ganelon; ' you are old, and your words are those of a child. Beside, you know how great is the pride of Roland; it is a marvel that God has suffered him to live so long. For a hare, Roland would sound his horn all day, and at this moment he is most likely laughing with his Twelve Peers over the fright he has caused us. And again, who is there who
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