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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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' Great foolishness it is of you, 0 Fionn,' said Oscar, ' to think that Diarmid would stay in this plain waiting to have his head taken from him.'
'Who else would have cut down the trees, and have made a palisade of them, and cut seven doors in it ? Speak, 0 Diarmid, is the truth with me or with Oscar ? '
' With you, 0 Fionn,' said Diarmid, ' and truly I and Grania are here.'
When he heard this, Fionn bade his men surround Diarmid and take him, and Diarmid rose up and kissed Grania three times in presence of Fionn and his men, and Fionn, seeing that, swore that Diarmid should pay for those kisses with his head.
But Angus, the foster-father of Diarmid, knew in what straits his foster-son was, and he stole secretly to the place where Diarmid was hidden with Grania, and asked him what he had done to bring his head into such danger. ' This,' said Diarmid ; ' Grania, the daughter of Cormac, King of Erin, has fled with me against my will to escape marriage with Fionn.'
'Then let one of you come under my mantle,' answered Angus, ' and I will carry you out of your prison.'
' Take Grania,' answered Diarmid. ' If I live, then will I follow you, but if not, carry her to her father, and let him deal with her as seems good.'
After that Angus put Grania under his mantle and they went their ways, and neither Fionn nor his Fenians knew of it.
When Angus and Grania had left him, Diarmid girded his arms upon him, and standing at one of the seven wattled doors, asked who stood behind. ' No foe to you,' answered a voice, ' but Ossian, the son of Fionn, and Oscar, the son of Ossian, and others who are your friends. Come out, and none will do you hurt.'
' I will not open the door until I find out where Fionn himself is.' And so it befel at six of the doors, and
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