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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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326            THE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD
And thus it was done; but at the feast Little John, who always liked to know exactly what work he had to do, put some questions to Robin Hood. ' Before I join hands with you, tell me first what sort of life is this you lead ? How am I to know whose goods I shall take, and whose I shall leave ? Whom I shall beat, and whom I shall refrain from beating ? '
And Robin answered: ' Look that you harm not any tiller of the ground, nor any yeoman of the greenwood — no, nor no Knight nor Squire, unless you have heard him ill spoken of. But if Bishops or Archbishops come your way, see that you spoil them, and mark that you always hold in your mind the High Sheriff of Nottingham.'
This being settled, Robin Hood declared Little John to be second in command to himself among the brother­hood of the forest, and the new outlaw never forgot to 'hold in his mind' the High Sheriff of Nottingham, who was the bitterest enemy the foresters had.
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