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King Arthur, His Court and Knights in the Age of Chivalry, by Andrew Lang

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whereas his duty was to keep it burning. Grettir deter­mined to swim to the mainland and bring back wood; in this he was successful, though the distance was a sea mile, whereat all said his prowess both on land and sea was marvellous. Meanwhile Angle, having been baffled in a second attempt to land and drive out Grettir, induced a young man called Hoering, an expert climber, to try to scale the cliffs, promising him if successful a very large
reward. Angle rowed him over, and Hoering, did, indeed, scale the precipice, but young Illugi was on the watch, chased him round the island, and Hoering, sore pressed, leapt over the cliff and was killed.
About this time, Grettir having been so many years in outlawry, many thought that the sentence should be annulled; and it was deemed certain that he would be pardoned in the next ensuing summer; but they who had
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