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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Not long after the dragon came home, and when he found the empress was missing he said to his horse, ' What shall we do? Shall we eat and drink, or shall we follow the runaways ?' and the horse replied, 'Whether you eat or don't eat, drink or don't drink, follow them or stay at home, matters nothing now, for you can never, never catch them.'
But the dragon made no reply to the horse's words, but sprang on his back and set off in chase of the fugitives. And when they saw him coming they were frightened, and urged the prince's horse faster and faster, till he said, ' Fear nothing; no harm can happen to us,' and their hearts grew calm, for they trusted his wisdom.
Soon the dragon's horse was heard panting behind, and he cried out, ' Oh, my brother, do not go so fast! I shall sink to the earth if I try to keep up with you.'
And the prince's horse answered, ' Why do you serve a monster like that? Kick him off, and let him break in pieces on the ground, and come and join us.'
And the dragon's horse plunged and reared, and the dragon fell on a rock, which broke him in pieces. Then the empress mounted his horse, and rode back with her husband to her kingdom, over which they ruled for many years.
[Volksmarchen der Serben.]
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