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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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And Sultan Darai leapt from his horse, and so did the other sultan, and they gave their hands to one another, and kissed each other, and went together into the palace.
The next morning the gazelle went to the rooms of the sultan, and said to him : ' My lord, we want you to marry us our wife, for the soul of Sultan Darai is eager.'
'The wife is ready, so call the priest,'answered he, and when the ceremony was over a cannon was fired and music was played, and within the palace there was feasting.
' Master,' said the gazelle the following morning, ' I am setting out on a journey, and I shall not be back for seven days, and perhaps not then. But be careful not to leave the house till I come.'
And the master answered, ' I will not leave the house.'
And it went to the sultan of the country and said to him : ' My lord, Sultan Darai has sent me to his town to get the house in order. It will take me seven days, and if I am not back in seven days he will not leave the palace till I return.'
' Very good,' said the sultan.
And it went and it went through the forest and wilderness, till it arrived at a town full of fine houses. At the end of the chief road was a great house, beautiful exceedingly, built of sapphire and turquoise and marbles. ' That,' thought the gazelle, ' is the house for my master, and I will call up my courage and go and look at the people who are in it, if any people there are. For in this town have I as yet seen no people. If I die, I die, and if I live, I live. Here can I think of no plan, so if anything is to kill me, it will kill me.'
Then it knocked twice at the door, and cried ' Open,' . but no one answered. And it cried again, and a voice replied:
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