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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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his wife. ' Climb up the tree quick and catch the pike, and we'll cook it for dinner.'
The man climbed up the tree and brought down the pike, and they drove on.
When they got near the stream he drew up.
' What are you staring at again ?' asked his wife impatiently. 'Drive on, can't you?'
' Why, I seem to see something moving in that net I set. I must just go and see what it is.'
He ran to it, and when he had looked in it he called to his wife : ' Just look ! Here is actually a four-footed creature caught in the net. I do believe it's a hare.'
' Good heavens !' cried his wife. ' How did the hare get into your net? It is a hare, so you needn't say it isn't. After all, people must have said the truth-----'
But her husband only shook his head and shrugged his shoulders as if he could not believe his own eyes.
' Now what are you standing there for, stupid ?' cried his wife. ' Take up the hare. A nice fat hare is a dinuer for a feast day.'
The old man caught up the hare, and they drove on to the place where the treasure was buried. They swept the twigs away, dug up the earth, took out the pot, and drove home again with it.
And now the old couple had plenty of money and were cheery and comfortable. But the wife was very foolish. Every day she asked a lot of people to dinner and feasted them, till her husband grew quite impatient. He tried to reason with her, but she would not listen.
' You've got no right to lecture me ! ' she said. ' We found the treasure together, and together we will spend it.'
Her husband took patience, but at length he said to her: ' You may do as you please, but I sha'n't give you another penny.'
The old woman was very angry. ' Oh, what a good-for-nothing fellow to want to spend all the money himself I But just wait a bit and see what I shall do.'
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