The VIOLET FAIRY BOOK - full online book

Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Chatter, indeed ? I!! Perhaps you have forgotten, too, how we found a live hare in the river?'
Everyone roared with laughter; even the secretary smiled and stroked his beard, and the man said:
' Come, come, wife, everyone is laughing at you. You see for yourself, gentlemen, how far you can believe her.'
' Yes, indeed,' said the village elders, ' it is certainly the first time we have heard that hares thrive in the water or fish among the tree tops.'
The secretary could make nothing of it all, and drove back to the town. The old woman was so laughed at that she had to hold her tongue and obey her husband ever after, and the man bought wares with part of the treasure and moved into the town, where he opened a shop, and prospered, and spent the rest of his days in peace.
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