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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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154                     TWO IN A SACK
Then the crane said to him, ' Now take this sack to your wife.'
The man thanked him warmly, took his sack, and set out.
His home was a good long way off, and as it was growing dark, and he was feeling tired, he stopped to rest at his cousin's house by the way.
The cousin had three daughters, who laid out a
tempting supper, but the man would eat nothing, and said to his cousin, ' Your supper is bad.'
' Oh, make the best of it,' said she, but the man only said : ' Clear away! ' and taking out his sack he cried, as the crane had taught him :
' Two out of a sack !'
And out came the two pretty boys, who quickly brought in the oak tables, spread the silken covers, and
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