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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Come back to my house,' said the crane, and so they went to the crane's house, and as soon as they got there, what did the crane take down from the wall? Why, he took down a sack, and he said:
' Two out of the sack !'
And instantly two pretty lads sprang out of the sack, brought in oak tables, on which they laid silken covers, and spread all sorts of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks on them.
' Take this sack,' said the crane.
The man thanked him heartily, took the sack, and went. He had a long way to walk, and as he presently got hungry, he said to the sack, as the crane had taught him:
' Two out of the sack! '
And instantly two rough men with thick sticks crept
out of the bag and began to beat him well, crying as they
did so:
' Don't boast to your cousins of what you have got,
One two Or you'll find you will catch it uncommonly hot, One two '
And they beat on till the man panted out:
' Two into the sack.'
The words were hardly out of his mouth, when the two crept back into the sack.
Then the man shouldered the sack, and went off straight to his cousin's house. He hung the sack up on a nail, and said : ' Please have the bathroom heated, cousin.'
The cousin heated the bathroom, and the man went into it, but he neither washed nor rubbed himself, he just sat there and waited.
Meanwhile his cousin felt hungry, so she called her daughters, and all four sat down to table. Then the mother said:
' Two out of the sack.'
Instantly two rough men crept out of the sack, and began to beat the cousin as they cried :
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