The VIOLET FAIRY BOOK - full online book

Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' Don't waggle your head in that horrid way,' begged Jem anxiously. ' Your neck is as thin as a cabbage-stalk, and it might easily break and your head fall into the basket, and then who would buy anything ?'
' Don't you like thin necks?' laughed the old woman. ' Then you sha'n't have any, but a head stuck close between your shoulders so that it may be quite sure not to fall off.'
' Don't talk such nonsense to the child,' said the mother at last. ' If you wish to buy, please make haste, as you are keeping other customers away.'
' Very well, I will do as you ask,' said the old woman, with an angry look. ' I will buy these six cabbages, but, as you see, I can only walk with my stick and can carry nothing. Let your boy carry them home for me and I'll pay him for his trouble.'
The little fellow didn't like this, and began to cry, for
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