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THE HEADLESS DWARFS               291
exclaimed, ' Ah, my old friend ! it is a lucky chance that has brought us here. My bones still ache from my fall down the steps of the tower. I dare say you have not forgotten that night! Now it is the turn of your bones. Hi! comrades, make haste ! make haste ! '
Like a swarm of midges, a host of tiny headless creatures seemed to spring straight out of the ground, and every one was armed with a club. Although they were so small, yet there were such numbers of them and they struck so hard that even a strong man could do nothing against them. Hans thought his last hour was come, when just as the fight was at the hottest another little dwarf arrived on the scene.
' Hold, comrades !' he shouted, turning to the attacking party. ' This man once did me a service, and I am his debtor. When I was in his power he granted me my life. And even if he did throw you downstairs, well, a warm bath soon cured your bruises, so you must just forgive him and go quietly home.'
The headless dwarfs listened to his words and dis­appeared as suddenly as they had come. As soon as Hans recovered himself a little he looked at his rescuer, and saw he was the dwarf he had found seated in the church bell.
' Ah ! ' said the dwarf, seating himself quietly under the tree. ' You laughed at me when I told you that some day I might do you a good turn. Now you see I was right, and perhaps you will learn for the future not to despise any creature, however small.'
' I thank you from my heart,' answered Hans. ' My bones are still sore from their blows, and had it not been for you I should indeed have fared badly.'
'I have almost paid my debt,' went on the little man, ' but as you have suffered already, I will do more, and give you a piece of information. You need not remain any longer in the service of that stingy minister, but when you get home to-morrow go at once to the north corner
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