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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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Flop ! and close beside him, he saw the frog. ' Why are you weeping?' she said. Then he told her his difficulty, and that he did not know to whom he should take the puppy.
' Give it to me,' she said, 'and I will bring it up for you.' And, seeing that the youth hesitated, she took the little creature out of his arms, and disappeared with it into the pond.
The weeks and months passed, till one day the mother said she would like to see how the dogs had been trained by her future daughters-in-law. The two eldest sons departed, and returned shortly, leading with them two great mastiffs, who growled so fiercely, and looked so savage, that the mere sight of them made the mother tremble with fear.
The youngest son, as was his custom., went to the pond, and called on the frog to come to his rescue.
In a minute she was at his side, bringing with her the most lovely little dog, which she put into his arms. It sat up and begged with its paws, and went through the prettiest tricks, and was almost human in the way it understood and did what it was told.
In high spirits the youth carried it off to his mother. As soon as she saw it, she exclaimed: ' This is the most beautiful little dog I have ever seen. You are indeed fortunate, my son; you have won a pearl of a wife.'
Then, turning to the others, she said: ' Here are three shirts; take them to your chosen wives. Who­ever sews the best will be my favourite daughter-in-law. '
So the young men set out once more ; and again, this time, the work of the frog was much the best and the neatest.
This time the mother said : ' Now that I am content with the tests I gave, I want you to go and fetch home your brides, and I will prepare the wedding-feast.'
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