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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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When they had spent three days together, chatting and caressing one another, the herd came back to the king, and demanded his lamb. Then the king went to his daughter to bring it away, which troubled the princess very much, for she said they had played so nicely together.
But the king said : ' I cannot leave it with yon, my daughter, for it is only lent to me.' So he took it away with him, and gave it back to the shepherd.
Then the young man threw the skin from off him, and went to the king, saying: ' Sire, I am persuaded I can find your daughter.'
When the king saw how handsome he was, he said: ' My lad, I have pity on your youth. This enterprise has already cost the lives of many, and will certainly be your death as well'
But the young man answered, ' I accept your conditions, oh king; I will either find her or lose my head.'
Thereupon he went before the king, who followed after him, till they came to the great door. Then the young man said to the king: ' Speak the words that it may open.'
And the king answered: ' What are the words ? Shall I say something like this: " Shut; shut; shut" ? '
' No,' said he; 'say " Open, Sartara Martara of the earth." '
When the king had so said, the door opened of itself, and they went in, while the king gnawed his moustache in anger. Then they came to the second door, where the same thing happened as at the first, and they went in and found the princess.
Then spoke the king and said: ' Yes, truly, you have found the princess. Now I will turn her as well as all her maidens into ducks, and if you can guess which of these ducks is my daughter, then you shall have her to wife.'
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