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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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which shrivelled up the emperor where he stood, leaving only a little heap of ashes.
His strange death, which no one could explain, made a great sensation throughout the country, and the funeral his people gave him was the most splendid ever known. When it was over, Iliane summoned Fet-Fruners before her, and addressed him thus :
' Fet-Fruners! it is you who brought me and have saved my life, and obeyed ray wishes. It is you who gave me back my stud; you who killed the genius, and the old witch his mother; you who brought me the holy water. And you, and none other, shall be my husband.'
' Yes, I will marry you,' said the young man, with a voice almost as soft as when he was a princess. ' But know that in our house, it will be the cock who sings and not the hen !'
[From Sept Conies Roumains Jules Brun and Leo Bachelin.]
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