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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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352            THE STORY OF HALFMAN
' Well,' thought Halfman, ' my conscience is clear anyway, for it is quite plain he coveted my wife, and that is why he tried to drown me.' He went at once to his father's room, and found him sitting in tears on the floor. ' Dear father,' said Halfman, ' are you not glad to see me? You weep for my brother, but I am your son too, and he stole my bride from me and tried to drown me in the brook. If he is dead, I at least am alive.'
' No, no, he was better than you !' moaned the father.
' Why, dear father?'
' He told me you had behaved very ill,' said he.
' Well, call my brothers,' answered Halfman, ' as I have a story to tell them.' So the father called them all into his presence. Then Halfman began: ' After we were twelve days' journey from home, we met an ogress, who gave us greeting and said, " Why have you been so long coining? The daughters of your uncle have waited for you in vain," and she bade us follow her to the house, saying, "Now there need be no more delay; you can marry your cousins as soon as you please, and take them with you to your own home." But I warned my brothers that the man was not our uncle, but an ogre.
' When we lay down to sleep, she spread a red cloth over us, and covered her daughters with a white one; but I changed the cloths, and when the ogress came back in the middle of the night, and looked at the cloths, she mistook her own daughters for my brothers, and killed them one by one, all but the youngest. Then I woke my brothers, and we all stole softly from the house, and we rode like the wind to our real uncle.
' And when he saw us, he bade us welcome, and married us to his twelve daughters, the eldest to the eldest, and so on to me, whose bride was the youngest of all and also the prettiest. And my brothers were filled with envy, and left me to drown in a brook, but I was saved by a fish who showed me how to get out. Now,
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