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MOGARZEA AND HIS SON              387
thought; then he quickly drew out the axe, which had been sticking into the cleft and behold! all their fingers were imprisoned tight in the tree.
It was in vain that they shrieked with pain and tried to free themselves. They could do nothing, and the young man remained cold as marble to all their entreaties.
Then he demanded of them Mogarzea's soul.
' Oh, well, if you must have it, it is in a bottle on the window sill,' said they, hoping that they might obtain their freedom at once. But they were mistaken.
' You have made so many men suffer,' answered he sternly, ' that it is but just you should suffer yourselves, but to-morrow I will let you go.' And he turned towards home, taking his sheep and the soul of Mogarzea with him.
Mogarzea was waiting at the door, and as the boy drew near he began scolding him for being so late. But at the first word of explanation the man became beside himself with joy, and he sprang so high into the air that the false soul which the elves had given him flew out of his mouth, and his own, which had been shut tightly into the fiask of water, took its place.
When his excitement had somewhat calmed down, he cried to the boy, ' Whether you are really my son matters nothing to me; tell me, how can I repay you for what you have done for me?'
' By showing me where the Milk Lake is, and how I can get one of the three fairies who lives there to wife, and by letting me remain your son for ever.'
The night was passed by Mogarzea and his son in songs and feasting, for both were too happy to sleep, and when clay dawned they set out together to free the elves from the tree. When they reached the place of their imprisonment, Mogarzea took the cherry tree and all the elves with it on his back, and carried them off to his father's kingdom, where every one rejoiced to see him
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