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The Mouse had a good cleaning out while the Cat was gone, and made the house tidy ; but the greedy Cat ate the fat every bit up. 1 When it is all gone one can be at rest,' she said to herself, and at night she came home sleek and satisfied. The Mouse asked at once after the third child's name.
' It won't please you any better,' said the Cat,' he was called Clean Gone.'
' Cleangone ! ' repeated the Mouse. ' I do not believe that name has been printed any more than the others. Cleangone ! What can it mean ? ' She shook her head, curled hei'self up, and went to sleep.
From this time on no one asked the Cat to stand godmother; but when the winter came and there was nothing to be got outside, the Mouse remembered their provision and said, ' Come, Cat, we
will go to our pot of fat which we have stored away; it will taste very good.'
' Yes, indeed,' answered the Cat; ' it will taste as good to you as if you stretched your thin tongue out of the window.'
They started off, and when they reached it they found the pot in its place, but quite empty !
' Ah,' said the Mouse,' ' now I know what has happened ! It hap all come out! You are a true friend to me! You have eaten it all when you stood godmother; first the top off, then half of it gone, then-----'
' Will you be quiet!' screamed the Cat. 'Another word and I will eat you up.'
' Cleangone ' was already on tho poor Mouse's tongue, and
scarcely was it out than the Cat made a spring at her, seized and
swallowed her.
You see that is the way of the world.
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