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THE GOLDEN CRAB                                27
prince in disguise. He said, therefore, to the fisherman's wife, ' Go, old woman, and tell the Crab I will give him my daughter if by to-morrow morning he can build a wall in front of my castle much higher than my tower, upon which all the flowers of the world must grow and bloom.'
The fisherman's wife went home and gave this message.
Then the Crab gave her a golden rod, and said, ' Go and strike with this rod three times upon the ground on the place which the King showed you, and to-morrow morning the wall will be there.'
The old woman did so and went away again.
The next morning, when the King awoke, what do you think he saw ? The wall stood there before his eyes, exactly as ho had be­spoken it !
Y.                                                                                                                                       D
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