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Then the old woman went back to the King and said to him, 'Your Majesty's orders have been fulfilled.'
' That is all very well,' said the King, ' but I cannot give away my daughter until there stands in front of my palace a garden in which there are three fountains, of which the first must play gold, the second diamonds, and the third brilliants.'
So the old woman had to strike again three times upon the
ground with the rod, and the
next morning the garden was there. The King now gave his consent, and the wedding was fixed for the very next day.
Then the Crab said to the old fisherman, ' Now take this rod; go and knock with it on a certain mountain; then a black man1 will come out and ask you what you wish for. Answer him thus: " Your master, the King, has sent me to tell you that you must send him his golden garment that is like the sun." Make him give you, besides, the queenly robes of gold and precious stones which are like the flowery meadows, and bring them both to me. And bring me also the golden
The fisherman brings the crab on the golden cushion
The old man went and
did his errand. When he had brought the precious robes, the Crab put on the golden garment and then crept upon the golden cushion, and in this way the fisherman carried him to the castle, where the Crab presented the other gar­ment to his bride. Now the ceremony took place, and when the married pair were alone together the Crab made himself known to his young wife, and told her how he was the son of the greatest king in the world, and how he was enchanted, so that he became
1 Ein Mohr-
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