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had been outwitted by his grandmother, and how he had heard from his own lips the answer to the riddle.
Then they were all delighted and in high spirits, took out their whip, and cracked so much money that it came jumping up from the ground. When the seven years had quite gone, the Fiend came with his book, and, pointing at the signatures, said, ' I will take you underground with me ; you shall have a meal there. If you can tell me what you will get for your roast meat, you shall be free, and shall also keep the whip.'
Then said the first soldier, ' In the North Sea lies a dead sea-cat; that shall be the roast meat.'
The Dragon was much annoyed, and hummed and hawed a good deal, and asked the second, ' But what shall be your spoon ? '
' The rib of a whale shall be our silver spoon.'
The Dragon made a face, and growled again three times, ' Hum, hum, hum,5 and said to the third, ' Do you know what your wine­glass shall be ? '
' An old horse's hoof shall be our wineglass.'
Then the Dragon flew away with a loud shriek, and had no more power over them. But the three soldiers took the little whip, wllipped as niuch money as they wanted, and lived happily to their lives' end.
The Fiend de(Vat*:il
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