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'Alas, my love.' she replied, ( over there lies the granite moun­tain where the costly precious stones grow, I have a great longing to go there, so that when I think of it I am very sad. For who can fetch them ? Only the birds who fly ; a man, never.'
' If you have no other trouble,' said the Hunter,' that one I can easily remove from your heart.'
So lie wrapped her round in his cloak and wished themselves to the granite mountain, and in an instant there they were, sitting on it! The precious stones sparkled so brightly on all sides that it was a pleasure to see them, and they collected the most beautiful and costly together. But now the old witch had through her witchcraft caused the Hunter's eyes to become heavy.
He said to the maiden, ' We will sit down for a little while and rest; I am so tired that I can hardly stand on my feet.'
So they sat down, and he laid his head on her lap and fell asleep. As soon as he was sound asleep she unfastened the cloak from his shoulders, threw it on her own, left the granite and stones, and wished herself home again.
But when the Hunter had finished his sleep and awoke, he found that his love had betrayed him and left him alone on the wild mountain. ' Oh,' said he, ' why is faithlessness so great in the world ? ' and he sat down in sorrow and trouble, not knowing what to do.
But the mountain belonged to fierce and huge giants, who lived on it and traded there, and he had not sat long before he saw three of them striding towards him. So be lay down as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.
The giants came up, and the first pushed liim with his foot, and said, ' What sort of an earthworm is that ? '
The second said, 'Crush him dead.'
But the third said contemptuously, ' It is not worth the trouble! Let him live ; he cannot remain here, and if he goes higher up the mountain the clouds will take him and carry him off.'
'Talking thus they went away. But the Hunter had listened to their talk, and as soon as fchej had gone ho rose and climbed to the summit. When he had sat there a little while a cloud swept by, and, seizing him, carried him away. It travelled for a time in the sky, and then it sank down and hovered over a large vegetable garden surrounded by walls, so that lie came safely to the ground
amidst cabbages and vegetables. The Hunter then looked about him, Saying, ' If only I had something to eat! I am so hungry,
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