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Illustrated classic fairy tales for children by Andrew Lang

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' I am bringing you the delicious food my own self,' he said, ' so that you need not wait any longer.'
Then she ate, and, as the others had done, she at once lost her human form, and ran as a donkey into the yard.
When the Hunter had washed his face, so that the changed ones might know him, he went into the yard, saying, ' Now you shall receive a reward for your faithlessness.'
He tied them all three with a rope, and drove them away till he came to a mill. He knocked at the wmdow, and the miller put his head out and asked what he wanted.                                                             
stabling, and do as I tell you with them, I will pay you as much as you want.'
The miller replied, ' Why not ? What shall I do with them ? ' Then the Hunter said that to the old donkey, which was the witch, three beatings and one meal; to the younger one, which was the servant, one beating and three meals ; and to the youngest one, which was the maiden, no beating and three meals; for he could not find it in his heart to let the maiden be beaten.
Then he went back into the castle, and he found there all that
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