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he wanted. After a couple of days the miller came and said that he must tell him that the old donkey which was to have three beatings and only one meal had died. ( The two others.' he added, ' are certainly not dead, and get their three meals every day, but they are so sad that they cannot last much longer.'
Then the Hunter took pity on them, laid aside his anger, and told the miller to drive them back again. And when they came he gave them some of the good cabbage to cat, so that they became human again. Then the beautiful maiden fell on her knees before him, saying, ' Oh, my dearest, forgive me the ill I have done you! My mother compelled me to do it; it was against my will, for I love you dearly. Your wishing-cloak is hanging in a cupboard, and as for the bird-heart I will make a drink and give it back to you.'
But he changed his mind, and said, ' Keep it; it makes no dif­ference, for I will take you to be my own dear true wife.'
And the wedding was celebrated, and they lived happy together till death.
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