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fifteen Saphir had learnt everything that a prince should know, and he was, besides, charming and agreeable.
It was about this time that the fairies suddenly took fright lest
his love for his father should interfere with the plans they had made for the young prince. So, to prevent this, they placed in a pretty little room of which Saphir was very fond a little mirror in a black frame, such as were often brought from Venice. The Prince did not notice for some days that tli ere was anything now in the room, but at last he perceived it, and wTent up to look at it more closely. What was his surprise to see reflected in the mirror, not his own face, but that of a young girl as lovely as the morn­ing ! And, better still, every movement of the girl, just growing out of childhood, was also re­flected in the wonderful glass.
As might have been expected,the young Prince lost his heart completely
to the beautiful image, and
it was impossible to get
The Prince looks into the magic mirror
him out of the room, so busy was he in watching the lovely unknown. Certainly it was very delightful to be able to see her whom he loved at any moment he chose, but his spirits sometimes sank when he wondered whal was to be the end of this adventure.
The magic mirror had been for about a year in the Prince's
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