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his saddle), he hastily placed it on the animal's back. Suddenly the people in the castle became broad awake, and rushed to the stable. They flung themselves on the Prince, seized him, and dragged him before their lord ; but, luckily for the Prince, who could only find very lame excuses for his conduct, the lord of the castle took a fancy to his face, and let him depart without further ques­tions.
Very sad, and very much ashamed of himself poor Saphir crept
Prince Saphir steals the horse and harness
back to the fountain, where the Frog was awaiting him with a good scolding.
' Whom do you take me for ?' she exclaimed angrily. ' Do you really believe that it was just for the pleasure of talking that I gave you the advice you have neglected so abominably ?'
But the Prince was so deeply grieved, and apologised so very humbly, that after some time the heart of the good little Frog was softened, and she gave him another tiny little grain, but instead of being sand it was now a grain of gold. She directed him to do
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