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his shoulder !' and he was much frightened, and thought ' What a lot of gold ho will make away with ! ' Then he had a ton of gold brought, which sixteen of the strongest men had to carry; but the strong man seized it with one hand, put it in the sack, saying, ' Why don't you bring me more ? That scarcely covers the bottom! ' Then the King had to send again and again to fetch his treasures, which the strong man shoved into the sack, and the sack was only half full.
( Bring more.' ho cried, ' these crumbs don't fill it.' So seven thousand waggons of the gold of the whole kingdom were driven up; these the strong man shoved into the sack, oxen and all.
'I will no longer be particular,' he said, 'and will take what comes, so that the sack shall be full.'
When everything was put in and there was not yet enough, he said, ' I will make an end of this; it is easy to fasten a sack when it is not full.' Then he threw it on his back and went with his companions.
Now, when the King saw how a single man was carrying away the wealth of the whole country he was very angry, and made his cavalry mount and pursue the Six, and bring back the strong man with the sack. Two regiments soon overtook them, and called to them, 'You are prisoners! lay down the sack of gold or you shall be cut down.'
' What do you say ?' said the blower, ' we are prisoners ? Before that, you shall dance in the air !' And ho held one nostril and blew with the other at the two regiments ; they were separated and blown away in the blue sky over the mountains, one this way, and the other that. A sergeant-major cried for mercy, saying ho had nine wounds, and was a brave fellow, and did not deserve this disgrace. So the blower let him off, and he came down without hurt. Then ho said to him, 'Now go home to the King, and say that if he sends any more cavalry I will blow them all into the air.'
When the King received the message, In1 said, fc Let the fellows go ; they are bewitched.' Then the Six brought the treasure home, shared it among themselves, ami lived contentedly till the end of their days.
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