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For some time the Princess remained speechless ; but recovering herself a little, she burst into a flood of tears. The King, much moved, said, 'Adorable Princess, dry your tears. I implore you. My only wish is to make you the happiest person in the world.'
' If you speak truth, my lord,' replied the Princess, ' restore to me the liberty you have deprived me of. Otherwise I can only look on you as my worst enemy.'
The King retorted that her opposition filled him with despair,
The Princess and the eagle in the flowery meadow
but that he hoped to carry her to a place where all around would respect her, and where every pleasure would surround her. So saying, he seized her once more, and in spite of all her cries he rapidly bore her off to the neighbourhood of his capital. Here he gently placed her on a lawn, and as he did so she saw a magnificent palace spring up at her feet. The architecture was imposing, and in the interior the rooms were handsome and furnished in the best possible taste.
The Princess, who expected to be quite alone, was pleased at
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